Welcome to the Sinacori Design Center, where your dream home becomes reality. We do not give you a three to five choice option for you to settle upon but offer various opportunities to take what is in your mind and budget and work to bring that dream to fruition.

Here's how it works!

From the start-up of design with our in-house architect you will work as a team to design every aspect of the exterior and floor plan. You then transition into selecting windows and doors, roof and brick, then every detail of the interior rooms design. This is what custom building with a Sinacori home offers you. We do not send you to a sales agent but set up designated design appointments for you to work with our Sinacori Designer to help with every design decision and offer options to get the look you aspire within the budget you require.

From custom cabinetry, quartz or granite, hardwoods and tile, down to the light switches you prefer and any other customization. We will offer all these and more, such as floating fireplaces and architectural specialties. What we provide as materials in a custom home contract will far surpass the standard builder options and all materials are shown in our office location where you will meet, so there is little, or few visits required outside of the selection appointments you set.

We gladly offer tours of our design facility and look forward to reviewing your home aspirations. Once we have met with you regarding what you seek to build, we will give you the quote and time line your project will require.

We look forward to meeting with​ !

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